Our Mission

To be the leading voice for the arts in education, advocacy, and economic impact in Texas, spotlighting the artistic excellence of our state.  

Our goal is to provide leadership to promote and highlight the importance of the arts in educating our children and sustaining our vibrant Texas economy. Supporting the arts ensures Texas’ cultural and economic advantage for the future.

Our Vision

A vibrant Texas where the arts inspire excellence.

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Our History

The Texas Cultural Trust, a 501(c)3 organization, was established in 1995 to increase the awareness and support for the arts to improve public education, to stimulate economic growth and to raise matching funds for the Texas Cultural Endowment Fund. The Texas Cultural Endowment Fund was established by the Texas Legislature in 1993 to provide a permanent funding source for the cultural arts in Texas through the Texas Commission on the Arts. The Texas Cultural Trust contributed approximately $3.1 million to the fund.

In 2009, the Texas Legislature, at the request of the Texas Cultural Trust and the Texas Commission on the Arts, dissolved the Texas Cultural Endowment Fund.  The public dollars contributed to the fund over the years went to the Texas Commission on the Arts to be distributed statewide through a formal grant process and the private dollars were transferred to the Texas Cultural Trust to be managed on behalf of the Texas Commission on the Arts.  The $2.5 million fund is restricted for programs of Texas Commission on the Arts, primarily the Young Masters program.

In, 2009, the Texas Cultural Trust was appropriated $1 million dollars in stimulus funds from the Texas Legislature.  The following programs were funded through this grant: art and digital literacy curriculum project, the art of economic development, cultural districts research and recommendations and the Adventures in the ARTS book distribution to select economically challenged school districts.

Working Together for the Arts

Texas Cultural Trust: 501(c)3 organization
Increasing awareness and raising funds for the arts

Texans for the Arts: 501(c)4 organization
Political advocacy for the arts

Texas Commission on the Arts: state agency
Providing grants, information and technical assistance for the arts

Our Staff

For general information email us or choose a specific staff member to contact:

Jennifer Ransom Rice, Executive Director
Shannon Johnson, Operations Manager
Ellen Mason, Communications Manager
Claire Moyers, Development Associate