[callout type=”left, center, right” title=”Texas Women for the Arts” message=”Texas Women for the Arts is an essential giving circle uniting the financial forces of Texas women in funding initiatives for the arts and arts education throughout the state.” button_text=”Learn More” href=”./Texas-Women-for-the-Arts/”]

[callout type=”left, center, right” title=”Texas Medal of Arts Awards” message=”Texas Medal of Arts Awards highlights and promotes the power of the arts to children’s education, the state’s economy, and to the unique and proud Texas culture.” button_text=”Learn More” href=”/tmaa/”]

[callout type=”left, center, right” title=”Young Masters Program” message=”Young Masters is a joint program of the Texas Cultural Trust and the Texas Commission on the Arts, designed for 8th through 12th grade students engaged in the study of various artistic disciplines. Students are awarded $2,500 per year for two years.” button_text=”Learn More” href=”./Young-Masters/”]

[callout type=”left, center, right” title=”Founders for the Arts” message=”Founders for the Arts is an annual giving program which creates and implements a strategic marketing and advertising plan to change the perception of the arts in Texas.” button_text=”Learn More” href=”./Founders-for-the-arts/”]

[callout type=”left, center, right” title=”Adventures in the A.R.T.S.” message=”Adventures in the A.R.T.S., endorsed by the Texas PTA, teaches children through the use of magical characters and storylines, the language of light, space, movement and perspective.” button_text=”Learn More” href=”adventures-in-the-arts”]

[callout type=”left, center, right” title=”Invest in the Arts” message=”Texas’ Arts and Culture Industry plays a major role in the state’s overall economy. The 42 industry sectors that comprise the Arts and Culture Industry create, distribute, and sell products and services to national and international markets. ” button_text=”Learn More” href=”/investinthearts/”]

[callout type=”left, center, right” title=”Cultural Districts” message=”The Texas Cultural Trust retained Texas Perspectives, Inc. (TXP) to consider strategies to document the success of cultural districts and potential return on investment.” button_text=”Learn More” href=”./cultural-districts/”]

[callout type=”left, center, right” title=”Arts & Digital Literacy Initiative” message=”The Arts and Digital Literacy Initiative is a project-based fine arts curricula for high school students that establishes the connection between traditional fine arts education and digital media.” button_text=”Learn More” href=”./arts-education/”]