Steve Miller Headshot

Steve Miller


After attending high school in Dallas in the 60s, Steve Miller formed, and serves as lead guitarist and vocalist for, the Steve Miller Band.

Their first album, Children of the Future, came out in 1968 and subsequent releases of Sailor (1968), Brave New World (1969), Your Saving Grace (1969) and Number 5 (1970) had the band developing their signature sound. In 1973, album The Joker was met with praise with the title track reaching number one on the Billboard charts.

The band’s next two albums, Fly Like an Eagle (1976) and Book of Dreams (1977), both had a number of hit singles, and had the band touring worldwide.

His 1978 album, Greatest Hits 1974-78, became one of the best-selling releases of all-time with over 13 million copies sold.

Miller, along with the Steve Miller Band, has 18 studio albums, three live albums, seven official compilation albums and 29 singles.

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