When you support the Texas Cultural Trust, you are investing in the cultural, educational, and economic future of Texas.

The Texas Cultural Trust is committed to increasing support for the arts, artists, arts education, and for cultural institutions across the state, while raising awareness for the artistic excellence in Texas – from the panhandle to the gulf coast. The Trust’s research and findings are unequivocal: The arts are vital to the development of young minds and a strong economy. In supporting the Trust, our partners and donors are investing in Texas’ creative legacy, encouraging a robust economy, a competitive workforce, and ensuring a vibrant, abounding, and diverse culture in Texas.

The Texas Cultural Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  It is solely through the generosity of individuals, foundations, and organizations that we are able to continue our vital work on behalf of arts and culture in Texas.

“Art is important to use because it adds to ALL our lives – and in so many different ways. The arts and arts-related businesses account for billions of dollars in annual spending, and they are responsible for over a million jobs in the state of Texas. That’s pretty amazing. And it shows that art is important beyond what pleasure it gives us. As it turns out, supporting the arts is simply good business.”

Edward E. Whitacre, Jr.
Former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer AT&T

"Here at Texas Monthly, we know Texas. Since 1973, we’ve covered everything from up-and-coming politicians to fall-off-the-bone ribs. We never miss a thing, and when it comes to Texas culture, neither do y’all. For the past 25 years, we’ve watched in admiration as the Texas Cultural Trust supported the best in the arts in Texas. From honky tonk musicians and literary stars to filmmakers and designers—we thank you for celebrating so much of what makes our great state a legend and a culture unto itself. You pay tribute to the pioneers of the arts while supporting those who are just getting started, leading the way for the artists and creatives of tomorrow. You are both a light and a mirror, illuminating, reflecting, and expanding our sense of collective identity. From us, the chroniclers of Texas Culture, to you, the force that keeps it thriving, thank you."

Texas Monthly