Jocelyn Straus

Chair Emeritus – Texas Medal of Arts Awards, San Antonio

Jocelyn Straus knows how to get things started.  At home in San Antonio, she started the Foundation for Cultural Arts, also known as the Las Casas Foundation, and she started the San Antonio Performing Arts Association.  And in 2001, she created the Texas Medal of Arts Awards.  She served on the founding Board of Directors for the Texas Cultural Trust and has served as a member since 1998.  As a thank you for her service, Straus was recently named Chair Emeritus of the Texas Medal of Arts Awards.  Staus is one of the San Antonio’s most active community leaders and was the driving force behind the restoration of San Antonio’s historic Majestic and Charline McCombs Empire Theatres, focusing attention and resources for their continuing preservation.  She has served on numerous state and national committees including the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Committee on the Arts; National Council on the Arts and as advisory member of the National Endowment of the Arts.  She was appointed during the Reagan-Bush years to the National Council on the Arts where she serves as member emeritus.  Her awards and recognitions are too numerous to list, but she is known across the state as a formidable advocate for funding of the arts as a dedicated community servant for our state.

Texas Cultural Trust