Arts Education Task Force


The Arts Education Task Force (AETF) aligns the arts education communities across Texas to create a unified voice for arts education policy, advocacy, and best practices. The AETF identifies legislative priorities, coordinates messaging, and implements a strategic plan to support meaningful arts education policy.

Arts Education Access Evaluation

The Arts Education Access Evaluation, developed by the Arts Education Task Force, evaluates equitable arts education access across the state. Campuses are encouraged to evaluate arts access on the elementary, middle school, and high school level.

Elementary Arts Education Access Evaluation

Middle School Arts Education Access Evaluation

High School Arts Education Access Evaluation


Advocacy for Equitable Arts Education

The Texas Cultural Trust convened the Arts Education Task Force to discuss and clarify what constitutes equitable access in arts education for Texas students. Funded by Houston Endowment and The University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts, the Arts Education Task Force is comprised of more than 30 of the state’s top academics, educators, advocates, philanthropists, and leaders from the fields of the arts and arts education, including Dr. Doug Dempster, Dean at The University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts; Professor Roxanne Schroder-Arce, Director of the UTeach Fine Arts program in the College of Fine Arts; Dr. Brent Hasty, Executive Director of MINDPOP; Dr. Gary Gibbs, Executive Director of Texas Commission on the Arts; Florence Shapiro, former Texas Senator; Long Chu, Program Officer at Houston Endowment; and Barbara Cargill, member of the State Board of Education.

Monthly meetings between August and October, 2018 concluded in the creation of an evaluation tool to be used by campus and district administrators to identify levels of arts access in education. Members of the Task Force have piloted the tool and additional pilot studies are currently being conducted across Texas. Once the rubric has been tested, our hope is the rubric will be used by the Texas Education Agency and district administrators to evaluate levels of arts education access across Texas and support growth and advocacy for equitable arts education.

Download the Rubric


Advocacy for Equitable Arts Education

Christopher Anderson, Arlington ISD
Kris Andrews, Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts
Barbara Cargill, State Board of Education
Sara Chapman, Texas Art Education Association
Cinda Christian, MindPOP
Long Chu, Houston Endowment
Denise Cochran, Texas Dance Educators Association
Doug Dempster, The University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts
Bruce Esterline, The Meadows Foundation Gary Gibbs, Texas Commission on the Arts
Risa Ginther, Texas Parent Teachers Association
Charles Glover, The Meadows Foundation Ann Graham, Texans for the Arts
Brent Hasty, MindPOP
Travis James, TXP JD Janda, Texas Music Administrators Conference, Tomball ISD
Mary Lou Johnson, Texas Dance Educators Association
Paul Kretchmer, Texas Art Educators Association
Linda LaMantia, Texas Cultural Trust
Julie Linn, Shapiro Linn Strategic Consulting
Deborah Lugo, Arts Connect Houston
Mary Curry Mettenbrink, Young Audiences of Houston
Patricia Moreno, Texas Music Administrators Conference
Lizzette Gonzalez Reynolds, ExcelinED Judy Robison, Texas Cultural Trust
Wenden Sanders, Houston ISD
Roxanne Schroeder-Arce, The University of Texas at Austin UTeach Fine Arts
Carla Schumann, Texas Educational Theatre Association
Florence Shapiro, Shapiro Linn Strategic Consulting
Michelle Smith, Raise Your Hand Texas
Heidi Marquez Smith, Texas Cultural Trust
David Stevens, University Interscholastic League
Julia Webber, Eanes ISD
Andrea White, Texas Cultural Trust


Take Action for the Arts in Texas.

While there are great areas of promise, there are also many areas of improvement in arts access. We invite you to join us in our efforts to ensure equitable access to the arts for all Texans. Encourage your school district and legislator to support access to the arts and arts education.

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