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Help nurture our rising stars to become the Texas legends of tomorrow!

We are pleased to invite you to support the Texas Young Masters class of 2020!

Some of the brightest and most talented young artists in Texas will soon shine as Texas Young Masters!

These emerging artistic luminaries need your support!

The Texas Cultural Trust celebrates a new class of Texas Young Masters every biennium with an awards celebration highlighting their extraordinary talent, creativity, and artistic excellence.

The 2020 Young Masters will be honored on April 20, 2020 at the beautiful ZACH Theatre in Austin  

A joint initiative between the Texas Cultural Trust and the Texas Commission on the Arts, Texas Young Masters recognizes 8th through 11th grade students who demonstrate artistic excellence in dance, film, media, literary arts, music, musical theatre, theatre, set design and visual arts.

The Texas Young Masters program opens doors and provides opportunities that might otherwise not be possible for these students. Fifteen students each are awarded $10,000 scholastic grants, which are disbursed over two years, to enhance and build their formal artistic study.  The grant dollars provide exceptionally talented students with the ability to enrich their education in ways they might not otherwise have the financial resources to obtain.

Your generous support will have an impact across our state.

In addition to these educational grants for emerging young artists, the Texas Cultural Trust provides robust support for the arts and arts education, impactful economic research and data, legislative and public advocacy, and statewide grants for arts organizations that increase arts access for our youngest generation.

Your support of the 2020 Texas Young Masters program is an investment that raises awareness of the importance of arts education for every young Texan. 

“To be young, motivated, and free to truly explore what it means to be an artist; this is a powerful combination of forces. The Young Masters Program is important because it recognizes this time.”

Katie Rose Pipkin, 2008 Texas Young Master in Visual Arts

Special Thanks to Our Generous 2020 Young Masters Sponsors

Sarah & Ernest C. Butler Endowed Scholarship in Music
Wayne Fisher Young Master Scholarship in Music
Neiman Marcus
Sermoonjoy Fund
Judy & Kirk Robison
Texas Women for the Arts

Jeanne & Mickey Klein
Alturas Foundation
Covert Auto Group
Locke Lord LLP
Kathleen & Ben Keating
Karen & Charles Matthews
The RWM Foundation

Success Stories

Chris Vo Square 72 dpi
Christopher Vo; 2002 Young Master in Dance

Vo used his scholarship grant to do a summer of study at Juilliard, which led to his eventual acceptance into the Juilliard program — one of only ten freshmen who received a full scholarship. He has toured extensively in Twyla Tharp’s Come Fly Away national tour. He was also a featured dancer in the NBC show Smash, and is recognized as a Presidential Scholar in the Arts. Vo is a graduate of Booker T. Washington High School of the Performing and Visual Arts.

I Saki Square 72dpi
Ida Saki; 2010 Young Master in Dance

Saki is from Dallas, but is a first generation Iranian-American whose love of dance stems in part from her mother not being able to study the art form as a young girl in Iran. Since Young Masters, she has wowed the judges on So You Think You Can Dance, and received numerous national honors, including Distinguished Performer of the Year and Outstanding Dancer of the Year. She was also the first female dancer to be named a Presidential Scholar in the Arts. Saki also co-created/performed in a show that premiered at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

C Yang Square 72dpi
Charles Yang; 2004 Young Master in Music

Described by The Boston Globe as, “One who plays classical violin with the charisma of a rock star”, Yang has performed as a soloist with orchestras and in recitals in the United States, Europe, Brazil, Russia, China, and Taiwan. He is also the recipient of numerous awards and honors. Yang attended The Juilliard School after graduating from Westlake High School in Austin.

Ann Cho Square 72dpi
Ann Cho; 2014 Young Master in Music

Cho is a two-time National Young Arts Foundation Winner in Classical Music. She has won top prizes at the MTNA National Solo Competition, Austin Civic Orchestra’s Pearl Amster Competition, Austin Symphony Orchestra’s Youth Awards, and the Longy School of Music’s Concerto Competition. At the age of five, she was the youngest violinist of the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Special Thanks to Our 2016 Young Masters Supporters

Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Matthys
Adriel Meditz
Alicia Deegan
Amy McClellon
Andrea Townsend
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew West
Mr. & Mrs. Andy Bilger
Anna Berns
Ashley Vehslage
Chip & Ginger Jones
Chuck McGregor
Clark Martin
Connie Anderson
Dan Price
Daniel Levy
Dell, Inc.
Devon De Leon
Mr. & Mrs. Don Jones
Douglas Jones
Frederick Adams
Haley Moreno
Hector Perez

Holly Wissman
Jennifer Ruetter
Jerry Gatlin
Jessica Pino
Jessica Sager
Joel Boehm
John Miller
Joseph Sutton
Julie Merry
Kaitlyn Yost
Kenneth Naanep
Kimberly Davolt-Flores
Kitty Villa
LaBell Hunter
Lance Schibi
Lauren A. Perez
Lauren Fleischer
Leanne Raesener
Lindsey Bloch
Lori Gallegos
Lucia Henderson
Mary Katherine Matalon

Yvette Ruiz
Mary Tally
Matthew Hinsley
Michael Valocchi
Monique Hodges
Mr. & Mrs. Andy Bilger
Natasa Valocchi
Nick Schroeder
Patrick Stilwell
R.C. Rondero de Mosier
Ralph Mazza
Richard Tagle
Robbie Jane Pope
Sandrine Shelton-Denbow
Sara Schretenthaler
Sarah Williamson
Sarah Young
Sean Murphy
Stephanie Simpson
Steve Tipton
Susan Salch
Vanessa Fuentes
William Jackson
Yann Curtis

Special Thanks to the 2016 Young Masters CauseVox Campaign Supporters

Aaron Weiss
Amber Mullins
Amy Lombardi
Anina Moore
Ann S Graham
Annette Drayden
Arturo Artaza
Ashley Ohls
Beverly Bentley
Bill & Deborah Hammond
Billye Proctor Shaw
Bonnie Buckley
Brenda Feldman
Brendan Riley
Caroline Hammond
Caroline Alexander Forgason
Cassie Dean
Cathleen Berdan
Celeste & Martin Hubert
Charisse Brown
Charles & Trudy Smith
Cherise Ginsburg
Chrissy Borskey
Christa Lockwood
Christopher Caselli
Chuck Rice
Claire Bond
Claire Moyers
Courtney & Mike MacDonald
Dawn Leatherwood
Don Bice
Elaine Zediker
Elizabeth Hadley
Ellen Mason
Fayruz Benyousef
Florence Shapiro
Forrest Preece
Gabriel Sepulveda
Gabrielle Stokes
Grace Kelly

Guillermo Nicolas
Holly Townsend
Howard Falkenberg
Iwalani Hayden
Jacqueline Schraad
Janice Youngblood
Jenifer Sarver
Jennifer Emerson
Jennifer Phelan
Jennifer Ransom Rice
Jennifer Reilly
Jennifer Stevens
Jenny & Brandon Aghamalian
Jeri Polen
Jill Bell
Jocelyn Straus
Johnny Sutton
Jonette James
Joy Rauls
Julie Moyers
Karen Oswalt
Karyn Scott
Kate Ford
Kathleen Kennedy
Kelly Johnson
Kim Ngo
Kim & Greg Reynolds
Kristi Katz
Laura Matz
Laura & Tobin Wiegand
Lauren Phillips
Laurie Mertens
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Leslie Blanton
Lilliana R. Garcia
Linda Hatchel
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Lori & Don Henson
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Mark Stanley
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Robert & Hanna Rochelle
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Sheree Frede
Sherrill Winter
Sonya Medina Williams
Stacy Toomey
Stan Stoke
Terri Broussard Williams
Tim Hicks
Tracy Ortiz
Travis Ransom
Tyler & Meredith Spears
Valdo Perales
Whitney Pigg
Yuniedth Steen

The Young Masters program was established with generous contributions from AT&T Foundation, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Applied Materials, Burlington Northern, The Honorable David Dewhurst, Emerson Electric, Mrs. Gene Jones, Mr. George Mitchell, Plum Foundation, Ray C. Fish Foundation, Raytheon, Texas Women for the Arts and Mrs. W. D. Noel. This Program’s continuing success stems directly from these generous donors, but also from the support of Texas individuals and families who recognize the arts as an essential feature to the future of these rising stars.

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