Jenny Parry

Director of Programs

Jenny Parry is a passionate fine arts advocate with a personal and professional mission to nurture and develop quality fine arts experiences for all children. She is committed to excellence in the arts and is dedicated to supporting equitable fine arts education in Texas. Her goal is to enrich the lives of Texans with meaningful arts opportunities and experiences.

Prior to joining the Texas Cultural Trust, Jenny’s work has been specific to the development of fine arts education within the public education system to offer students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, powerful and creative learning experiences. For 15 years, she worked to illuminate the fine arts in Del Valle ISD so that the students and community would be inspired and connected through the arts.

Jenny taught visual arts for Del Valle ISD at the elementary level starting in 2003 and moved to the high school level in 2009. She also worked professionally as a visual artist prior to entering arts administration in 2014.  As an elementary and high school art teacher in Del Valle, her passion for the students and community led her to create the Del Valle ISD Fine Arts Event in 2014 (an annual district wide fine arts festival for students, parents, and the community). In 2014 Jenny became the first Del Valle ISD Fine Arts administrator.  As the Fine Arts Coordinator, Jenny’s role was to support curriculum and instruction in all K-12 fine arts strands including band, choir, dance, general music, theatre, and visual arts. She coordinated curriculum alignment, conducted campus visits, supported principals and teachers, worked to expand and enhance fine arts programs during school and after school, coordinated all Del Valle ISD fine arts staff development and district-wide events, built arts partnerships, and advocated for quality fine arts education on the district level.

Jenny holds a Bachelor of Visual Art Studies from the University of North Texas, a Master of Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governors University, and holds Texas certifications as an art educator and principal.