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Art Boxes

A Pilot Program of the Texas Cultural Trust and H-E-B

The arts improve mental health and sustain social and emotional learning while also increasing academic success and cultivating lifelong skills.

Help us inspire the self-expression and imagination of children who have little to no access to creative resources.


The Texas Cultural Trust’s Art Box Pilot Program, presented in partnership with H-E-B, provides creative resources for children in Title I schools to engage in creativity at home. (Title I schools serve high concentrations of students from low-income homes, campuses with more than 40% of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch are designated Title I). During these uncertain times, the power of the arts has been magnified as a way to stay connected, engaged, hopeful, and to express our feelings. Art Boxes provide basic arts supplies to spark the curiosity, creativity, and imagination of children and their families.  

Why Art Boxes?  

The Texas Cultural Trust’s research has illustrated the lack of equity in quality arts education access between school districts, campuses, and among various demographics, long before the impact of COVID- 19. The Trust has also reported on how the arts improve mental health and sustain social and emotional learning while also increasing academic success and cultivating lifelong skills including collaboration, communication, critical thinking, innovation, creativity, and problem solving.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, access to arts education has never been more important. We know that quarantine restrictions have negatively affected the emotional and mental health of students and families. The impact of COVID-19 on families with lower incomes has been disproportionate on all levels. 

Reinforced by these findings, the Trust responded by launching the Art Box Pilot Project within its Arts Access program to provide students of Title I communities with basic art resources to encourage creativity, help them express their feelings, reflect on current events, and engage with others at home. Amplified through the limitations of virtual learning, we are aware that many students in marginalized communities do not own or have these types of supplies at home.    

Pilot Campuses

The Art Box Pilot Program is current active in the following Texas schools:

Del Valle Elementary, Del Valle ISD
Pilot Launched: Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Highland Heights Elementary, Houston ISD
Pilot Launched: Thursday, March 11, 2021

Atherton Elementary, Houston ISD
Pilot Launched: Friday, April 9, 2021

Hopkins Elementary, Victoria ISD
Pilot Launched: Thursday, April 29, 2021

What’s In The Art Box? 

The Art Box Pilot Program includes basic art supplies from drawing utensils, glue sticks, paintbrushes, and watercolors, to sidewalk chalk and a drawing pad all in a storage container to keep items organized. The box also includes a materials guide for some of the supplies providedThese instructions will support students to maximize their creative potential and understand how to use, care for, and maintain the supplies provided. All Art Box communication materials are available in English and Spanish. 

For more information on Art Boxes, email Jenny Parry, Director of Programs, at Jparry@txculturaltrust.org. 


A gift to the Texas Cultural Trust supports our work to increase arts access and awareness about the importance of the arts and creative sector in Texas.

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