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Through Art Can, the Texas Cultural Trust conducts research and produces and publishes data quantifying the economic and educational impact of the arts in Texas. Art Can analyzes employment and wages within the creative sector, along with tax revenue and tourism spending pertaining to arts and culture. Art Can also studies individual school districts, analyzing student access to arts education and its relation to academic outcome and overall success. The findings are unequivocal, highlighting the arts as vital to the development of young minds and a strong economy. In this way, Art Can serves as an invaluable resource for Texas parents, educators, the public, policy makers and private entities. The data culled informs all Texas Cultural Trust programs and spurs the development of new initiatives to increase public funding and support for arts and culture in the state.

Every two years, the Trust gathers leading researchers to quantify the social and economic value of the arts in our state. The 2021 State of the Arts Report continues that tradition, now augmented with research in the areas of Arts Education & Social and Emotional Learning and Arts & Health.

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News & Updates

For the latest on legislation that may potentially impact the arts and arts education in Texas, visit our Legislative Tracker.

April 20, 2021

The 2021 State of the Arts Report: A Look at the Data

April 14, 2021

The Art of Business & Business of the Arts: A Conversation with Gay Gaddis

SB 473

SB 473 seeks to remove the one fine arts credit required for high school graduation.

SB 1

SB 1 removes $4 million dollars in Cultural District funding for the Texas Commission on the Arts.

The Arts Work for Texas

Art Can Improve Education

Research conducted by the Texas Cultural Trust shows that academic achievement, school attendance, and graduation rates are significantly higher when students are engaged in the arts.

Art Can Fuel The Economy

The arts strengthen the Texas economy by preparing students for creative careers, generating significant tax revenue, and boosting tourism.

Art Can Improve Health and Well-being

The arts and Creative Arts Therapies are demonstrating the ability to improve a patient’s overall health outcomes, treatment, and quality of life.

Art Can Map

The Art Can Map is a visualization of Texas arts education access data. Does your child’s school make the grade?

Arts Education Access

The Arts Education Access Evaluation, developed by the Arts Education Task Force (AETF), evaluates equitable arts education access across the state. Campuses are encouraged to evaluate arts access on the elementary, middle school, and high school level.

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Arts Education Access Evaluation

Elementary Arts Middle School Arts High School Arts

Arts Advocacy

While there are great areas of promise, there are also many areas of improvement in arts access. We invite you to join us in our efforts to ensure equitable access to the arts for all Texans. Encourage your school district and legislator to support access to the arts and arts education!

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With your support, there’s nothing art can’t do.

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