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Arts Access

The Texas Cultural Trust’s Arts Access program examines the needs and opportunities to increase access to the arts, culture, and arts education for all Texans by providing resources, programming, and financial support. This program is a collective of resources to increase access to the arts and includes the Trust’s Arts and Digital Literacy curriculum.

Art Boxes

The Art Box project provides creative resources for children in Title I schools to engage in creativity at home.  

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Arts Education Classroom Resources

Arts & Digital Literacy Curriculum: The Texas Cultural Trust, in partnership with The University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts, created an innovative suite of classes that bridges the gap between traditional fine arts education and technological instruction.

Career Exploration in the Arts Curriculum: Units of study designed for the high school classroom in art, dance, music, and theatre. These units explore the many career options in the fine arts and how arts education prepares students for success in any career.

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We Love Austin Music Week

We believe students should recognize the importance and value of music to our communities, our cities, our state, and beyond. This pilot designates a week to celebrate Austin’s musical heritage and culture, deepening students’ interest and awareness of music as an art form. Our goal is to help students develop appreciation for the importance of supporting the arts and music.

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Arts Access Grants

Arts Access Grants: Funding for professional arts experiences for children. Grants fund campus visits from visual and performing artists, or provide transportation and admission fees for student field trips to visual and performing arts experiences.

First Year Teacher Grants: Funding for first year arts teachers to increase arts access within underserved communities and seek employment in low arts access, Title I schools. Grant applications are accepted annually from July to August.

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Texas Women for the Arts Grants: Funding to support arts and arts education programs for children. Grant applications are accepted annually from October to December.

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Texas Young Masters Scholarships: A joint program of the Texas Cultural Trust and Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA), Texas Young Masters awards scholarship grants to deserving young artists in music, theatre, dance, visual arts, literary arts, and other artistic disciplines. Scholarship applications are accepted every biennium.

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The Texas Cultural Trust x Brandon Maxwell x The University of Texas Textiles and Apparel Scholarship: Funded by the Bennett Endowed Scholarship in Human Ecology, this scholarship is a one-year, merit and need-based award for students pursuing higher education in fashion. Established in collaboration with the Brandon Maxwell fashion house, the scholarship seeks to provide for high-quality educational opportunities. The Texas Cultural Trust and Brandon Maxwell are committed to diversifying the fashion industry.

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Advocacy Resources

Art Can: Through Art Can, the Trust conducts research and produces and publishes data quantifying the economic and educational impact of the arts in Texas. Art Can analyzes employment and wages within the creative sector, along with tax revenue and tourism spending pertaining to arts and culture.

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Arts Education Task Force: The Arts Education Task Force (AETF) aligns the arts education communities across Texas to create a unified voice for arts education policy, advocacy, and best practices. The AETF identifies legislative priorities, coordinates messaging, and implements a strategic plan to support meaningful arts education policy.

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State of the Arts Report

The Texas Cultural Trust’s Art Can program conducts research and produces data to quantify the economic and educational impact of the arts in Texas. These findings are published in the biennial State of the Arts Report.

Art Can Map

Texas Arts Education Access data visualized. Does your school make the grade?

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