2024 ANNUAL MEETING – Austin
Save the Date for May 6-8, 2024

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2023 ANNUAL MEETING – Corpus Christi/Rockport

The 17th Annual Meeting was held in Corpus Christi and Rockport, Texas on May 8, 9, & 10, 2023. Over 45 members attended the event. Thank you to our Annual Meeting Chair, Alexis Hunter, our host committee and sponsors for a wonderful event.

Thank You 2023 Annual Meeting Sponsors and Host Committee

Leslie D. Blanton
Mary Campbell
Louise Chapman
Corpus Christi Arts and Cultural Commission
Karen Foster
Alexis Hunter
Karen O’Connor Urban
Bill Oswald
Mary Lynn Painton
Regina Rogers
Isha Rogers Santamaria
Cheryl Votzmeyer-Rios

American Bank
Cheniere Energy, Inc.
Nancy Hiles
The Honorable Todd Hunter
Alyce Jones

Special Thanks
Art Museum of South Texas
Molly and Jeremy Fernandes
Paulette Kluge
Moroles Art Co.
Luis Puron
Toby Shor
Todd Walter and C.A. Cintron

Past Annual Meetings

17th Annual Meeting, 2023: Corpus Chrisit/Rockport, Texas
16th Annual Meeting, 2022: San Antonio, Texas
15th Annual Meeting, 2021: Dallas, Texas
2020: Postponed
14th Annual Meeting, 2019: Houston, Texas
13th Annual Meeting, 2018: Fort Worth, Texas
12th Annual Meeting, 2017: Austin, Texas
11th Annual Meeting, 2016: Amarillo, Texas
10th Annual Meeting, 2015: San Antonio, Texas
9th Annual Meeting, 2014: Fredericksburg, Texas
8th Annual Meeting, 2013: Houston, Texas
7th Annual Meeting, 2012: El Paso, Texas
6th Annual Meeting, 2011: Dallas, Texas
5th Annual Meeting, 2010: Fort Worth, Texas
4th Annual Meeting, 2009: Austin, Texas
3rd Annual Meeting, 2008: San Antonio, Texas
2nd Annual Meeting, 2007: Houston, Texas
1st Annual Meeting, 2006: Dallas, Texas