Since its inception in 2002, the Texas Cultural Trust has named 154 Texas Young Masters, awarding nearly $1 million to aspiring artists across the state.

The Texas Young Masters Program is a joint initiative between the Texas Cultural Trust and the Texas Commission on the Arts, recognizing excellence in 8th through 11th grade in dance, theatre, literary arts, media arts, film, music, and visual arts. The program awards grants of $5,000 per year, for two years, nurturing our rising stars to become the Texas legends of tomorrow.

The program is available to students engaged in the arts, offering financial assistance to develop their unique talents. Students may be enrolled in a program through their school or receive private lessons from a qualified professional instructor.

Application Criteria

Artistic Quality (50 Points)

Does the student currently evidence a high level of aptitude and skill in their chosen field for their current age?

Capability (25 Points)

Is the course of study appropriate for the student? Has the applicant provided substantial evidence that there is a strong commitment on the part of the student, instructor, and parents?

Impact (25 Points)

Is the course of study likely to achieve the intended goals? Will support for the application provide an opportunity not otherwise available to the student (because of economic need, geographic isolation, or lack of appropriate expertise/opportunity within the community to pursue specific artistic development/genre)?

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November 15, 2019 will be the next application deadline for this program. For more information, please contact Chuck Winkler at arts.texas.gov by email or call 512.936.6575.

Congratulations to the 2018 Class of Young Masters!

Antonio Ajero, Nacogdoches, Music
Noah Avelar, Corpus Christi, Music
Tobi Berman, Fort Worth, Musical Theatre
Riley Canterbury, Dallas, Dance
Joziah German, Dallas, Dance
Elizabeth Heyns, Lantana, Visual Arts
Mikayla Johnson, Floresville, Theatre
Megan Lin, Plano, Music
Lauren Mathews, Katy, Music
Aisha Mpiana, Dallas, Visual Arts
Ava Noble, Dallas, Dance
Isha Parupudi, Friendswood, Dance
Ian Stripling Jenson, Austin, Music
Leif Tilton, Austin, Music
Lauren Yang, Sugar Land, Visual Arts

2016 Recipients

Todd Baker, Carrollton, Dance
Samantha Choo, Plano, Music
Emma Colwell, Grand Prairie, Theatre
Margaret Errickson, Houston, Visual Arts
Quinlan Facey, Plano, Music
Niell Gorman, Houston, Visual Arts
Shadden Hashem, Colleyville, Dance
Mia Heckler, Bellaire, Theatre
Bhargavi Sarangapani, Coppell, Dance
Fiona Shea, Lubbock, Music
Emma Sutherland, Dallas, Dance
Zane Unger, Dallas, Dance
Olivia Vanderslice, Garland, Dance
Johnathan Wu, Plano, Music
Anton Zhou, Sugar Land, Visual Arts

2014 Recipients

Sophie Anthony, Dallas, Visual Arts
Jay Appaji, Plano, Music
Nizhoni Begay, San Antonio, Music
Jared Brown, Dallas, Dance
William Chang, Plano, Music
Ann Cho, Austin, Music
Montana Dalton, Frisco, Dance
Christin Engelberth, San Antonio, Visual Arts
Claudia Isabel Heymach, Pearland, Literary Arts
Esther Liao, Houston, Music
Hannah McEvilly, Austin, Musical Theatre
Meg Mickelsen, Dallas, Visual Arts
Nina Pitts, Houston, Music
Kian Raissian, Houston, Music
Juanito Riveros, Rowlett, Music
Sydney Shreve, Dallas, Visual Arts
Catherine Thomas, Texarkana, Theatre
Anastasia Tillman, Fort Worth, Dance
Luke Westerman, Houston, Dance
Katja Yanko, The Woodlands, Musical Theatre

2012 Recipients

Eric Bowser, Center Point, Music
Brendan Carrillo, Waco, Music
Michelle Garcia, Cypress, Dance
Mia Gerachis, Houston, Musical Theatre
Christian Kay, Tyler, Music
Reagan Lukefahr, Houston, Musical Theatre
Mason Manning, McKinney, Dance
Cesar Martinez, San Antonio, Film
Ani Mayo, Plano, Dance
Annyston Pennington, Amarillo, Literature
Shilpa Sadagopan, Pearland, Music
Susan Seo, Euless, Visual Arts
Michael Stromile, Dallas, Dance
Morgan Tao, Rosharon, Visual Arts
Laurel Thornburg, Houston, Visual Arts

2010 Recipients

Emily Manning, College Station, Visual Arts
Maddie Bueter, Frisco, Music
Alysia Johnson, Dallas, Dance
Ida Saki, Plano, Dance
McKinley Willis, Dallas, Dance
Eun “Jinny” Seo, Euless, Visual Arts
Behnam Arzaghi, Lubbock, Music
Hannah Lee, Bryan, Musical Theatre
Kyle Morrow, Dallas, Visual Arts
Sydney Roberts, Spring, Musical Theatre
Alexandra Switala, Grapevine, Music
Michael Taylor, Arlington, Music
Vincent Turner, New Braunfels, Music
Ava Barrett, Houston, Visual Arts
Chelsea Conwright, Cypress-Fairbanks, Dance
Karina Farek, Houston, Visual Arts
Monica Brown, Kingwood, Musical Theatre
Morgan Starr, Spring, Musical Theatre
Paul “Vijay” Meunier, Sunset Valley, Music
Skylar Boykin, Plano, Dance
Michelle Suh, Austin, Music

2008 Recipients

Torrance Cobb, Beaumont, Dance
Julia Cinquemani, Dallas, Dance
Amber Pickens, Dallas, Dance
Christine Smith, Dallas, Theatre/Musical Theatre
Thales Smith, Austin, Music
Robert Switala, Grapevine, Music
Catherine Cleary, Houston, Visual Arts
Boris Karash, Houston, Visual Arts
Robbie Moore, Porter, Dance
Rosie Salvucci, San Antonio, Music
Rachael Milton, Austin, Visual Arts
Kira Viola, El Paso, Dance
Maureen Fenninger, Houston, Theatre/Musical Theatre
Katie Pipkin, Austin, Visual Arts
Bernadette Gnass, Wimberly, Literature

2006 Recipients

Dakota Anderson, Houston, Visual Arts
Sarah Crowe, Austin, Visual Arts
Natalie Freeman, Austin, Dance
Mary Michael Patterson, Aledo, Musical Theatre
Mitchell Collier, Austin, Film
Brittanie Brown, Dallas, Dance
Ebony Cunningham, Dallas, Dance
Cecil Moore, Dallas, Dance
Jesse Caldwell, Center, Visual Arts
Lili Froelich, Weatherford, Musical Theatre
Samantha Stewart, Dallas, Music
Cynthia Black, Dallas, Music
Emily Clarkson, Brownwood, Music
Damian Green, Austin, Music
Margaux Crump, Houston, Visual Arts
Alice Dennard, Houston, Mixed Media
Jon Eng, Houston, Visual Arts
Jose Martinez, Houston, Visual Arts
Paige Brown, Kingwood, Music
Lindsey Maxon, Arlington, Literature
Marco Villa, Austin, Music
Sarah Welch, Austin, Visual Arts
Michael Paglia, San Antonio, Visual Arts
Caroline Beach, For Worth, Dance
Shannon Lee, Plano, Music
Sean Maddox, Austin, Musical Theatre
Stephanie Chen, Austin, Music

2004 Recipients

Stephanie Williams, Allen, Dance
Jonathan Campbell, Cedar Hill, Dance
Brandie Phillips, San Angelo, Music
Caitlin Tully, Austin, Music
Ngoc-Yen Thi (Angela) Hoang, Houston, Visual Arts
Morgan Ashlee Morrow, Arlington, Musical Theatre
Sofya Karash, Houston, Visual Arts
Ei-Jane Janet Lin, Bellaire, Visual Arts
Chris Jenkins, Plano, Visual Arts
Anna Michelle Reyes, Austin, Dance
Charles Yang, Austin, Music

2002 Recipients

Emily Schmeltekop, Fort Worth, Dance
Alexander Lue, Richardson, Music
Olivia Dane Charbeneau, Dallas, Visual Arts
Dean Andre de Luna, Fort Worth, Dance
Rachel Lamb, Plano, Dance
Christopher Vo, Dallas, Dance
Anita Shankar, Houston, Dance
Katherine Petak, Houston, Music
Adriana Potoczniak, Houston, Music
Stephanie Joiner, Austin, Musical Theatre
Antonio Cisneros, San Antonio, Visual Arts
Nicholas Noel Garza, Pharr, Visual Arts
Melissa M. McChristian, Pflugerville, Visual Arts
Chloe Trevor, Plano, Music

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